MarkBass GV 4 Gloxy Bass Guitar - Sunburst

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MB GV 4 GLOXY 3 [917]
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MarkBass GV 4 Gloxy Bass Guitar - Sunburst

Prepare to be awestruck by the MarkBass GV 4 Gloxy Bass Guitar. This instrument is the culmination of MarkBass' tireless pursuit of perfection, delivering a playing experience that will elevate your bass skills to new heights.

• Expertly crafted neck for unparalleled comfort and playability
• Precision-engineered components for a rich, defined tone across all strings
• Onboard MB Instrument Pre preamp for versatile, distortion-free EQ control
• Meticulously inspected at MarkBass headquarters to ensure flawless quality

  • MB gig bag inluded

The GV 4 Gloxy is the perfect choice for bassists who demand the very best. Unlock your full potential and captivate audiences with your commanding, dynamic performance.



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