Behringer Dual-Phase Analog Phase Shift Pedal

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Behringer Dual-Phase Analog Phase Shift Pedal

A mainstay for many musicians since the 1970s, you can hear phasers in countless pop, rock, funk, new wave and alternative tracks over the years. Whether it’s dreamy Gilmour-esque soundscapes or super-trippy ring-modulator tones, the Behringer DUAL-PHASE provides possibilities that are simply out of this world.

  • Classic dual phase shifter for keyboards, guitar and drum machines
  • Authentic recreation of the popular phase shifter from the ‘70s
  • 12 opto-couplers for deep and natural phasing effects
  • 2 independent phasors with Depth and Feedback controls
  • 2 independent sweep generators with Rate and Shape controls
  • Input selector combines both phasors for creative sound effects
  • Sweep and Sync controls allow for a wide selection of modulation sources

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